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Marine Pro Boxing Promotions is Asia's fastest growing sports company in the combat sports entertainment. 

With its corporate office based in Mumbai, India - Marine Pro Boxing is building next-generation fighters who will showcase some great fight dramas inside & outside the Ring of professional boxing.


With a team of promoters, athletes & matchmakers who have promoted successful live events in India, Thailand & New Zealand, we take pride in producing great quality boxing shows & bringing talents from across the globe. 

Our primary focus has been marketing the sport of professional boxing in India by introducing it through various formats like Fight Nights, Title Championships & League as we showcase some outstanding Indian Pro Boxers who have maintained an excellent track record in their boxing career.

With the launch of sports properties like Warrior Boxing Series , All Stars Boxing Championship & Champions League which crowned the 1st Indian IBA Intercontinental Champion & Asia Champion, we have already set a benchmark in Indian combat sports (Boxing & MMA) with more than 14 MILLION viewerships on live digital streaming platforms & international TV broadcasts, making pro boxing the 4th most viewed sports on digital media under the 16-40 aged audiences.

Working in collaboration with international promoters & hosting Title championships including WBA & WBC.

​Marine Pro Boxing has been developing some of the finest boxers in the boxing business in India & other parts of the Asian region. Our team is very much committed to provide the highest level of professional support and services to boxers, including managing & promoting fights, career development, media consultation etc. ​


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Founder / Director

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An avid sports enthusiast & a public figure in the entertainment industry since a decade,

Dev started working as a DJ in early 2006 & also worked with industry's passionate MMA & Boxing promoters since 2016. 

To understand & study combat sports he traveled to the land of martial arts - Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines where he met various fighters & trainers from the world of Silat, Muay Thai & Kali Majapahiti.

Back in 2016 Pro Boxing & Mma where a thriving sports in India which didnt get the right place among the Indian sports fans & thus lead to the formation of Marine Pro Boxing in 2017, aimed to provide an infinite platform for Indian boxers who seek to pursue professional boxing as a career.

Dev has been working closely with other promoters, trainers & matchmakers to build the organisation with passionate people from the sports industry.

Over hundred's of boxers have made their debut with Marine Pro Boxing Promotions as we evolve each year by delivering better quality of shows & introducing best boxers from India to the world.

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